Barefoot Go 250 – Portable Solar Light

The Barefoot Go portable solar light has been specifically designed to meet the needs of rural markets.

The ultra-bright lamp can illuminate an entire room or shop. Multiple brightness settings allow the user to conserve power until it’s needed.

Barefoot Go includes a 1 Amp USB output capable of charging many smart phones and other devices. The versatile design and stand make Barefoot Go perfect for any location and situation.

Barefoot Go includes a 2.5W polycrystalline solar panel combined with microprocessor- controlled battery management to maximize battery performance and life.

Barefoot Go and all included components are backed by a comprehensive 24-month warranty.

Product Highlights:

  • Signiture design developed in Australia by Barefoot Power
  • Ultra-bright 135-lumen LED lamp is the brightest in its class
  • 24-month warranty
  • Multiple light settings night light (60 hours) bright (12 hours) and ultra-bright (6 hours)
  • USB output for charging mobile phones and many smart phones
  • USB phone-charging kit included
  • Next power off pressing the power button will always turn the lamp off once it's been on for more than five seconds
  • Three-stage battery charge indicators low, medium and high
  • Charging indicators will flash when battery is charging
  • Full-battery indicator Three green lights indicator when battery is full
  • Low-battery indicator Red light indicator when battery is low
  • Barefoot Connect compatibility for charging the lamp
  • Versatile design can be used in nine diferent positions
  • 2.4W solar panel the largest available for a single-lamp product (4m cable)
  • 3.3Ah LiFePO4 Battery the largest and longest lasting battery in its class

Battery - 3.2V, 3.3Ah

Solar Panel - 2.5W

Run Time 6-60 Hours

I am able to take my medicine at night because of constant light

“Esther and her granddaughter are checking messages from her phone while it’s charged by Barefoot Go250”

Esther Ocaya, 64, cannot imagine going back to a life without solar light.

In the past, she would struggle to raise 1000UGX everyday (about $9 a month) to buy kerosene for lighting. Kerosene lamp would not last long, occasionally, it would run out and the family were forced to spend the rest of the night in the dark since they lived far away from trading center where they could purchase kerosene. Furthermore, the soot from the kerosene transferred onto their clothes. Even worse, the smell of kerosene sometimes transferred to the food and making it inedible.

With the light from Barefoot GO, Esther now has clean, bright and constant light. This means that they can sit together as a family after dinner and talk. When Esther is sick, she is able to find her way around the house to get her medicine. Her granddaughter also has light to help her get dressed in her uniform and be ready for school in the morning. Esther is also able to charge her phone which helps her keep in touch with friends and family.

Esther says; “The Barefoot Solar light has really helped me and I encourage people who are still using kerosene lamps to embrace these products because in my home we use Barefoot solar which gives us clean light and there is barely any difference between us and someone using Umeme (grid electricity) at home.”

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