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Connect Family Plus

4 Ultra-bright LED tubes + 2 lamps


Connect Family

Connect Family Plus offers user full experience of entertainment via solar lighting and electronic appliances of 22 or 32 inches TV, Pedestal fan, and Radio. The system offers 4 ultra-bright LED tube lights with 2 ultra-bright LED lamps to light up six rooms at one time.

The combination of high tech controller that contains a maintenance free Lithium battery and the 60W solar panel will allow Connect Family Plus enough energy to entertain and provide everyone the experiences of Solar Energy in your style.

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More Info:

Ultra-bright LED tubes & lamps

4 + 2

The 4 ultra-bright LED tubes lamps and each lamp provide the light output of 300 lumens per ultra-bright LED tube Lamp (2.8W) & 2 lamps

Solar Panel


The 640W solar panel and 12Ah battery which can be upgraded up to 60W for clients who want to use several appliances at the same time



months Warrenty.

Included Accessories


0.5m Micro USB cable for phone charging Mounting screws and clips.

Detailed Technical Specifications :

Solar Panel
Rated output 60 Watts peak, at standard test conditions of 1.5AM, 25°C, 1000W/m2
Construction Tempered glass front, anodized aluminium frame, IP65 rated with 1 bypass diodes. Integrated 0.5m cable with extra 6.5m extension cable
Weight 4kg
Dimensions 680 x 540 x 25mm
Max Power Voltage 17.5V
Max Power Current 2.28A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.0V
Short Circuit Current 2.39A
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Battery LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Capacity 12Ah
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Power System Controler
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Outputs 4 x 12V lighting outputs (2A, 24W shared) & 1 x 12V device output (2A, 24W dedicated )
2 x 5V USB outputs (1A, 5W shared)
Inputs Max PV Voltage: 24V
Max PV Power: 60W
Max PV Current: 4A
Protections PV array short circuit, Overload, Load short circuit, PV reverse polarity
Battery Management BMS (Battery Management System) and microprocessor driven charge controller
Upper Charging Limit: 14.4V
Low Voltage Disconnect: 10V
Self-consumption Active mode: 9-11mA
Sleep mode: 1mA