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Solar Home System

Barefoot Connect product range is a result of 14 years of field-driven product evolution and is designed to meet the needs of off-grid households, businesses or those without reliable access to electricity.

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Barefoot Connect offers durable, convenient, and affordable solar home systems for household lighting and power for domestic appliances such as mobile phone, radio, Barefoot TV fans etc. All Connect systems come with both 12V and 2 x USB power outlets and will provide lighting from two to nine rooms/ lighting points depending on the system.

The plug-and-play Connect kits come with everything needed for installation, including wiring clips and wall-screws for neat and easy installation without an electrician.

The Connect controller includes advanced four-stage charging technology and protection circuits to extend the life of the battery. The microprocessor-controlled system also includes LED indicators to show how much power remains in the battery.

The Barefoot Connect will flash the red low-power LED and double flash all the lights if power is running low so the user is not left in the dark without warning.